Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Mulherin Home sponsored by St. Paul's

(IMG: WPMI) Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Mulherin Home sponsored by St. Paul's

NBC 15 is proud to once again connect local charity and service organizations with some of our dedicated sponsors during this holiday season.

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!

But, in this case, it's a van.

And instead of one Santa, it's lots of younger Claus's.

The people pouring out of that van at Mulherin home in Mobile are students from St. Paul's School in Mobile, doing what they do every Christmas... Making Spirits Bright!

"It's a beautiful thing when young adults come here and interact with our residents,. It's such a blessing to both sides."

That's Amy Cummings, the director at The Mulherin Home, a care facility for adults living with a variety of disabilities, most of them severe. It's done with loving care by an accomplished staff.

But even they need a little holiday help. So the biggest gift today isn't something you'd expect to find under most trees... wipes and disposable undergarments

"We have a wish list on our website,” says Amy, “and St Pauls went to our wish list, and they're always so good to us and they pulled this particular item off, which is such a great need we have. They are very expensive and very necessary."

But there was still room in Santa's sleigh, er, van... so... Leslie Lerner, who supervises these young people, says there was only one thing to do:

"Our students decorated stockings and we filled them up with things we would have wanted... soft candies, chips and combs and Kleenex and deodorant... things they might not get on a regular basis. So we try to make it a little bit special for them to have the Christmas stockings as well."

But look closer... there's something else going on here, too.

"I like to see the joy on their faces,” says a smiling Mary Coleman Chambliss, a senior at St Pauls. “It just warms my heart to see that and it makes me happy, too."

That's right.

These St. Pauls students are basking in the joy of Christmas giving.

Apparently, it's contagious!

"It's like a sense of you're doing something good,” says senior Landon Clarke. “You're making someone else feel happy. Because this is Christmas time and you want to make everyone else fell happy as you can."

Now you could be one of Santa's helpers were at the Mulherin Home, because their Christmas wish list is already on their website. You can go there and find out what you can give. It's just that simple.

Here’s the website

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