Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Mobile's Child Advocacy Center

(image: WPMI) Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Mobile's Child Advocacy Center

You're getting a behind the scenes look at a place that begins the process of putting broken children back together again. And what has broken them?

"That could include sexual abuse, it may have been physical abuse or they may have witnessed a homicide or suicide. But all of the children that come here have dealt with something tough."

"Here" is Mobile's Child Advocacy Center, where the courts, law enforcement and counselors come together to bring the safety and comfort and justice. And on this day, they're getting a little help.

Well, they're getting a LOT of help.

"I had to get a few of the guys to get their hands out of the toys everyday (laugh)"

Keith Parrett and his staff at Mullinax Ford in Mobile are playing Santa this day at the Child Advocacy Center, These gifts come from the hands and hearts of the company, co-workers and customers who may never experience what these children have experienced, .but yearn to make a difference.

"And to be able to bring that excitement and joy back to the kids that maybe aren't having the best of times right now is very important and makes us feel even better about doing it."

Andy Wynne, executive director of Child Advocacy says the Mulllinax Ford crew has delivered much more than they might realize.

"That was quite a haul! And it's not over. What'cha got, Keith?"

What he has is something that also brought him joy as a child.

"I was a kid that was always on my bike, riding all over town on my bicycle with my buddies, so that was probably my favorite."

They even brought gifts for older teens who are also clients here. The idea is to let these children know they are important, they are loved and they deserve better. They deserve to have someone make their spirits bright, too!

"They remember that people care, and it makes a major difference in their lives!"

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