Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Family Promise sponsored by TVTC

(image: WPMI) Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Family Promise sponsored by TVTC

Shortly after India Kidd picked up some clients of the Family Promise program in Mobile, she was in for a bone jarring surprise.

" I saw the car coming,” she recalls, “and I thought the young lady was going to stop... but she didn't"

That woman ran right into the side of the Family Promise van.

"I had two little babies behind me in their car seats,” says India, “and then a pregnant mom in the back. Everyone was a little shaken up but we made it through!"

But the van?

Not so much. It was left with a caved in door that’s won’t open and a window that won’t roll down.

And that's a problem, because this van is sued every day by Family Promise.

Family Promise is a not for profit agency that works with local churches to keep families together while they get on their feet, says director Diane McCaskey.

"We assume responsibility for getting our guests home to the host congregation each evening,” Diane explains. “That's where they'll have a meal, and where they will sleep and rest. And then the next morning we return and bring everybody either back the to the day center or back to school and daycare, and we start taking people to interviews, appointments..."

The damaged van is a major part of that.

The cost to repair it?

One thousand dollars!

That's a lot of money for a non-profit already getting by on donations. If only there was someone who could help them pay for that repair.

And that’s when Susan Shipman, Ashley Corry and their company, TVTC steps in!

TVTC is Tennessee Valley Training Center in Mobile. It, too, is a not for profit agency that helps train local workers with job safety courses that, in turn, help them meet employer's requirements so they can go to work.

TVTC heard about the van, and, along with some supplies for Family Promise, are delivering a check for $1000!

"All of the money goes back into program and community!,” says Susan. “We are nonprofit! A lot of people don't know that."

"There are so many needy families that are not as fortunate during the holiday season,” Ashley says. “So why not give something back, if we have something to offer, why not give back to the community?"

"It's a huge blessing,” says Diane, with a smile. “Yes it is! We are very grateful!"

A wrecked holiday made right!

Now that is Making Spirits Bright!

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