Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Baptist Children's Home/Pool & Spa Superstore

(IMAGE: WPMI) Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Baptist Children's Home sponsored by Pool & Spa Superstore

There's something special in the back of Thomas Irving's truck.

It's a special gift from his employer, Pool and Spa Superstore.

And the kids that live at Baptist Children's Home in Mobile are sure to love it.

"As luck would have it, we just picked up this line of Grill Dome,” says Thomas, “and so it worked out for everybody."

The bright red, egg-shaped ceramic grill is the latest edition to a campus that serves as a home for kids who find themselves lost and alone, without positive direction of parents and family.

For a lot of the kids who stay in the neat brick houses at Baptist Children's Home in Mobile, it's not easy to talk about what they've been through. But, they tend to open up more, just like at your home, around the dinner table.

And this gift should help with that.

Both boys and girls stay in separate houses at this home.

Tifanny Smith is a house mom to some of the guys. Preparing food and being well fed is something that many of the youngster here have never known.

"They walk in and see our fridge, and it's completely full,” says Tiffany. “That's huge. They've never seen a fridge so full. Or they try strawberries for the first time... and then their walls come down because they feel safe."

Assistant Director Haley Walker is quick to point out that their mission is to reunite kids with their families again.

"We don't want kids to have to be in foster care or situations where they can't be with their family anymore,” she says. “So that is our goal."

And Pool and Spa Superstore's goal? Make sure this grill is up and running!

"This place is much more of a home than an institution,” comments Thomas, as he lifts a sizzling link off the grill. “They have the pool, the playground, the basketball courts and this nice pavilion, and it's more of a home family. And cooking brings us all together."

Now that truly is comfort food capable of making spirits bright!

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