Mulinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Buckaroo Fdn. sponsored by Wright Transportation


Lynn Box drives all the way from Mississippi almost to Bay Minette, Alabama just to walk her daughter, Paisley into this horse barn. It's something she couldn't do a while back. Oh, she could make the trip.

It's the walking part that was the problem.

"We drive an hour and a half,” she says, “and it is worth every minute I spend bringing her to therapy"

That's right.


That's what they do here at Buckaroo Barn.

It's called hippotherapy, on horseback, and it's been a lifesaver for parents of children who have difficulty walking due to a host of physical conditions.

When she came here, Paisley could hardly sit up in a chair.

Not the case now, says Lynn.

"When I take her to the doctor today, and they look at her now, they are amazed. They are amazed that she's come so far!"

And then there's 5 year old Alyson Harold, dealing with a form of muscular dystrophy.

For her mother, Lori, Buckaroo Barn was the answer.

"I just Googled hippotherapy near Fairhope, Alabama, where we live,” says Lori, “and Buckaroo Barn popped up! Right up the road!"

Has it been everything she wanted it to be?

"Yes! Oh, yes!" she says, enthusiastically.

Why horseback?

Kristye Chastang, who operates Buckaroo barn, says there's a unique kinship we humans have with the way horses move.

"If you sit astride a horse,” she explains, “your body and your pelvis move in the three dimensions of movement it would move if you were walking normally."

They also add special tasks that help build additional strength and coordination.

One young rider also spent time swinging at a plastic ball with a plastic bat as he rode.

"Hayes loves to play baseball,” says Kristye, “so he's working his core strength, and his balance while he's playing baseball and working on his coordination as well."

But there's a problem.

Insurance doesn't always pay for these treatments, or as many as a child needs. So some of the parents created the Buckaroo Foundation, to raise money to help those parents pay for what insurance doesn't... and to fill other needs the barn might have.

Bradley Williams works at Mobile trucking company Wright Transportation.

He used to volunteer here in the summers...

"...and just fell in love with it,” he says. “All of the good these people have done with the kids made a big difference in their lives."

He told his boss, Daniel Wright, about the barn and the Buckaroo Foundation.

He was immediately on board.

"Came out a few months ago and fell in love with the place,” says Daniel, “and it was a no brainer to support this organization."

And that is why, on this day, Daniel Wright brought a check for $500 to help out.

Now, it looks like this barn is about to get a new therapy saddle for Christmas!

That’s sure to make their spirits bright!

Find out more about Buckaroo Barn here:

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