Mullinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: Home of Grace sponsored by Toomey Equipment

(image: WPMI) Making Spirits Bright: Home of Grace / Toomey Equipment

NBC 15 is proud to once again connect local charity and service organizations with some of our dedicated sponsors during this holiday season.

He's as reliable as Santa Claus, and just as anticipated. When Jerry Toomey drives his pickup truck onto the complex at Home of Grace, its director, Doris Littleton knows something good is always in the back.

"We call and ask Miss Doris,” says Jerry, “..of course, Dr Doris, what she wants this year... just whatever she needs."

And right now, Dr. Doris needs a washing machine!

And, there it is, in the back of Jerry’s truck.

In case you're new to these parts, Dr. Doris, or Miss Doris, as Doris Littleton is known, has spent half of her 92 years on a mission from God... here at the Home of Grace.

"Nobody wanted to help a woman,” she says. “Men, that was old Joe, we're gonna help him. But not Mary! She should be home doing what she's supposed to do!"

So Miss Doris set about fixing that... taking in one woman in distress in her home 45 years ago, growing that compassion into this campus with more than 70 beds.. teaching women self-worth, spiritual growth and forgiveness. reconnecting them with the children, their families- women like Angela Lignos, who also helps in the kitchen

"I just had a lot of problems, low self worth”, says Anglea. “My dignity was low, integrity none, so I just kind of dragged myself here."

She looks nothing like that now.

"That's very true," she says.

Which is why Jerry Toomey and his staff at Toomey Equipment Co. donated this washer, to help with the massive loads of laundry the Home of Grace creates everyday.

"You cannot say no to her,” Jerry says, smiling, “because she's just loving and would do anything for anybody. It makes you want to do the same."

Oh, and remember when he referred to Miss Doris as Dr. Doris a moment ago?

It's because she is, receiving a Doctorate of Human Letters from the University of Mobile!

"They come here to get their lives back,” she says, proudly. “And that's what we do. Help them get their lives back."

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