Did You Know Water World Water Park?


Make Your Summer Epic With A Visit To This Hidden Alabama Water Park

Alabama is home to many fun attractions that are perfect for spending a summer day. One of these attractions in particular is a water park that’s hidden within another park. This water park is known as Water World Water Park, and it’s the perfect summer attraction for the entire family.

Water World Water Park, built in 1980, is located within Dothan, Alabama's Westgate Park. It covers approximately 12 acres and is open from May to September.

Water World's main attraction is its Giant Rip Tide Wave Pool. This impressive wave pool is filled with 450,000 gallons of water and erupts into 3-foot waves every 10 minutes.

The Triple Flume Water Slide is another attraction at Water World Water Park. Each of these three water slides are 400 feet long and will send you twisting and turning into the water below.

If you're the ultimate thrill seeker, you'll want to try Water World's Great White Water Slide. This water slide will send you plunging up a 42-foot tower. You'll go back and forth until entering the water below.

Children absolutely love the Tadpole Hole Kiddie Pool that was designed especially for them. This attraction includes kiddie water slides, floating lily pads and a whimsical rain tree.

And finally, there's no need to worry about your, or your child's, safety. Fully trained lifeguards are located at each attraction.

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