Did You Know Purdy Butterfly House?


    If you’re looking for a unique place to visit this summer, how does a building filled with colorful butterflies sound? Alabama is home to a beautiful butterfly house, and it’s the perfect place for a summer day trip. Read on to learn all about this one-of-a-kind attraction.

    The Purdy Butterfly House, which is 9,000 sq ft, is located inside the Nature Center at Huntsville Botanical Garden. It's the largest open air butterfly house in the nation.

    This lovely butterfly house is open year round. However, butterflies can only be viewed May through September. Peak months are June and July.

    The Purdy Butterfly House features thousands of butterflies that boast magnificent colors. It's not often you'll see this many butterflies in a single space. The butterfly house is also home to frogs, turtles, button quail, etc.

    There's also a waterfall and a trickling stream.

    As you make your way around the Purdy Butterfly House, you'll notice many whimsical sculptures such as turtles, fish and dogs.

    The Purdy Butterfly House truly is an attraction like no other, and it's the perfect place for a summer day trip. Make plans to visit soon. You'll love it!


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