'Super COVID' could already be spreading in Alabama
(WPMI) 'Super COVID' could already be spreading in Alabama

Doctor Scott Chavers with Mobile County Health Department is confident "Super COVID" could be spreading in Alabama without us knowing.

The highly contagious mutation of COVID-19 has two times the transmission rate as the original virus.

“It’s here, but not being detected because we’re not looking for it,” Dr. Chavers said.

To detect this super strain, lab equipment is needed that’s typically not used in most institutions. It's equipment Alabama doesn't have.

Alabama Department of Public Health sent NBC 15 News this statement:

At this time, the SARSCoV variant of COVID-19 has not been identified in Alabama. Alabama expects to be part of surveillance for some specimens to be sent to the CDC for sequencing.

It appears COVID-19 vaccines do work on this strain. Dr. Chavers worries about what could happen if we don't get a handle on the coronavirus.

In the next two weeks, the CDC will roll out a program that will help to start looking for these variants.

Alabama is expected to be under surveillance and send specimens to the CDC for testing.

Super COVID was first discovered in the United Kingdom and has made its way to the United States. Florida and Georgia are two of the latest states with the virus strain.

"The danger of mutation is something is going to mutate to the point that the vaccines don't work," Dr. Chavers said.

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