Group plans protest, petitions against 2 Univ. of South Alabama presidential candidates
Group plans protest, petitions against 2 Univ. of South Alabama presidential candidates (Cell A65)

The University of South Alabama is in the process of electing a new President of the University, and some students aren't happy with 2 of the school's 3 candidates for president.

Alabama community action group Cell A65 started the petition, claiming that only candidate Damon Andrews "has the education, experience, and personal integrity that is needed to represent such a diverse faculty and student body." At time of publication, the petition had 163 signatures.

The petition takes the stance that:

The issue is that the University of South Alabama has a history of ignoring and therefore supporting racist bigotry on campus from both their students and faculty. From nooses left in front of the NAACP office to continuing to pay faculty members who bore the symbols of the confederacy in our own hallways, these actions or lack thereof show tacit approval of racism within their own institution. Considering this, the student body cannot have faith that board trustees will make the best choice for the university. 

The petition goes on to state:

Jo Bonner, who is believed to be the front runner of this race, is a former U.S congressman who has no substantial academic background, outwardly voted against the LGTBQ+ community (multiple times), voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and is known by the NAACP to outwardly oppose Affirmative Action. When asked about his voting history, his excuse was that he was toeing the party line. The student body does not believe Bonner will represent students over his own personal interests, considering his personal connections with the board of trustees. Micheal Tidwell, while he has a strong academic background, was clearly selected because of the university’s desire to provide a descriptive representation of black students even though he has substantively failed to represent his student bodies. His ongoing financial contributions to controversial members of the Republican party speaks for itself.

The protest action to demonstrate "against the consideration of Jo Bonner and Michael Tidwell for consideration as USA President" is planned for Monday October 25 at 2 p.m. at the Whiddon Administration Building, Room 130.

View the petition: South Students in Opposition to Presidential Candidates


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