Jags review Alabama A&M and previews Idaho

MOBILE, Ala. – University of South Alabama football head coach Joey Jones along with running back Deonta Moore and defensive lineman Tyree Turner met with the media Monday to preview Saturday's game against Idaho and the win over Alabama A&M.

Head coach Joey Jones

Opening statement: "I thought we played real well last week overall, we went out and practiced well all week long. I think that was the biggest key, our kids had some great practices last week and just got better; I know coaches say this all the time but it is all about getting better as the season goes. I thought we shored up some weaknesses we had the first couple of games, although obviously we have a ways to go. We did good things in all three phases, made big plays in all three phases, so we have to continue to get better."

On injures in the secondary going into a game against a good passing team: "Fortunately we have depth, we said that before the season. You look at who we have and Darian Mills has been starting the whole year and played well, Tobias Moss has had a bunch of snaps at corner. We've moved Quinton Lane from receiver to corner, he's one of the best athletes on the team and was a corner when he first came here; he's looking really good right now. We are not just playing someone at the position who is not athletic."

On if the team's confidence level is up after beating Alabama A&M Saturday: "I think so. When you lose to Ole Miss and a top-10 team everybody wonders about your confidence, but it didn't shake our kids; they came back and worked this past week. They are really motivated more intrinsically inside, that's a good thing about this team. They know we have a good team, we just have to fight through the first two games and take the questions about 'Why this?' or 'Why that?' This is a new season, we're excited about the rest of the season."

On the importance of winning home games: "I think it's huge, you need to win your home games in the conference. Over the years we've done well but it doesn't matter what we've done the past few years, it matters what we do now and what we do this week. We certainly want to defend our home, our guys play well there so we are excited about it. We've got a really good football team coming in here, they are very well coached so we will have our hands full. But is exciting because it is conference play time, it's what we've been working for and looking forward to."

On Dallas Davis's experience with Cole Garvin out: "It's kind of nice when you look up and see a guy who has been starting for a year come in to play. He had all the confidence in the world — he's been there and done that — he is very cool and calm, we're very fortunate at quarterback to have those guys."

Deonta Moore

On Saturday's win: "It was good for us to get the win as we head into conference play. Our team is really confident about what we can do; we're really starting to fall into our offensive and defensive schemes."

On what Saturday's win against Alabama A&M means for the team: "It was really good for the team to get the win. You never want to start off 0-2 and that kind of took down our moral, but we knew we were playing some good teams. We were able to go out there and get a good win at home and show what we were capable of doing. It gave us some momentum, which was good for the team heading into conference play. Now we know that these are teams that we can win and they should be competitive games."

On what the offense needs to do in order to run the ball better: "I don't know if it's a whole lot of doing better. We've been working on a lot of different plays and know we're starting to see those plays open up. We are seeing which plays work best for which running back, and which running backs run the plays well or who has the most explosion on certain plays. I don't think we need to change anything much; things are going to start opening up. We had a lot of busted plays in our first [three] games and now everybody is starting to get on the same page; everyone is running well and the offensive line is blocking well."

Tyree Turner

On getting the win Saturday: "It was definitely a good win for us. We had started off 0-2, so that win helped build our confidence."

On Idaho quarterback Matt Linehan: "He's a pretty good quarterback; he can make all the throws across the field. Hopefully us know that he has that ability will help us take things away from him. Their offense is able to move the ball pretty well. We're just going to have to have a good scheme against it and come out there fighting.

On how the defense has improved over the past couple of weeks: "Everything's been building since the spring and we've gotten better every day. We got better in the spring and in fall camp things got way better. When we opened up the season it didn't look too good at first, but we were able to get a shut out [on Saturday] and that's all we're focusing on."