Michael Phelps brings back angry face for Jimmy Fallon

FILE - In this Aug. 7, 2016, file photo United States swimmer Michael Phelps encourages his teammates in the final of the men's 4x100-meter freestyle relay during the swimming competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Phelps recreated an angry face he was caught making by TV cameras ahead of one race at the Games for host Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on NBC's "Tonight Show" Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, File)

Michael Phelps has brought back his famous pre-race scowl for Jimmy Fallon.

Television cameras caught the intense grimace on the swimmer's face at the Rio Olympics as he sat with his hood up and headphones on just before a race last month.

Phelps made the face again during Thursday's "Tonight Show" after Fallon brought out a life-size cutout of a frowning Phelps.

The 23-time gold medalist tells Fallon he was aware the cameras were on him before the race, and he knew his face would become a point of conversation as soon as he made it.

Phelps has revealed he was listening to Future when he was caught on camera. He introduced the rapper's performance at MTV's Music Video Awards Sunday night.