Cryotherapy: Local Business Freezes Athletes For Recovery

A number of athletes use cryotherapy to help recover following intense training. (Source: WPMI)

A number of athletes use cryotherapy to help recover following intense training. The new technology exposes the skin to extremely frigid temperatures. Olympian standouts like swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Laurie Hernandez have reportedly use the technology too. Mobile Cryotherapy is offering same technology to everyday people.

Professional Mountain Biker Kayley Burdine gets inside the cryotherapy chamber several times a week.

“It helps me recover faster and better so I can train harder and even longer sometimes the next day,” said Burdine.

The sessions only last three minutes. She trains two to five hours a day. Burdine works out sometimes seven days a week while competing across the U.S.

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is similar to an ice bath. But the chamber provides more control of the temperature.

Beth Smiley, co-owner of Mobile Cryotherapy, said temperatures range from -160 to -280 degrees Fahrenheit.

“It’s a natural anti-inflammatory,” said Smiley. “So without taking any medication if you've got a sore spot or pulled muscle, you're going to have instant relief.”

Before you go inside the chamber, you must put on special shoes, socks, gloves, and a robe.

Once you are inside, the robe comes off and the session is completed in your underwear.

Smiley claims the freezing session is not just for athletes.

She said a few minutes in the chamber can boost your metabolism and increase collagen production for hair, skin, and nails.

“The main thing I would say it does instantly is give you a boost of energy,” said Smiley.

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