Reese's Senior Bowl hosts 5th annual Girls of Fall event

When it comes to learning football its all about the x's and the o's.

When it comes to learning football its all about the x's and the o's.

Tonight those symbols represented more than just offense and defense. The Reeses Senior Bowl hosted their fifth annual Girls of Fall event.

The night began with some football talk.

"Usually I try to give them some terms or some aspect or component of the game to carry home and give their boyfriends or their husband and show them up," Phil Savage, executive director of the Senior Bowl said.

The Girls of Fall was an interactive experience as women learned everything from the rules of the game, all the way to learning how to tailgate like a professional. A first-rate chef from a local bistro gave some tips on how to spruce up the tailgate food this season.

Whether you're a rookie fan to the game or a seasoned veteran, Savage showed what the game of football is all about.

"I've done offense and defense in the past," Savage said. "This year I'm going to focus on special teams so no one knows anything about kicking so we're going to get into that."

Another component of the event was fashion. In the South, the perfect look must be cool in more than one way.

Paige Reed, a participant of the event, said her favorite part of the night is the shopping and the food.

Between sessions, the offense took a timeout to grub down on some of Mobiles best local dishes.

The event was a great way to kickoff the 2017 football season.