New technology used in Alabama high school football to track student athlete injuries

The technology and software called Dragonfly Max is getting a "trial run" at Spanish Fort High School. (WPMI)

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WPMI) - A bold and savvy move by the Alabama High School Athletic Association as coaches all across the state will begin using new technology to track a student athlete's injuries, medical records and rehab. The software streamlines paperwork, saves lives and keeps any sport including football safe.

The technology and software called Dragonfly Max is getting a "trial run" at Spanish Fort High School. The technology includes a phone app which allows coaches, parents and athletic trainers the ability to share an athlete's injury report.

"Everything else is constantly moving forward in going digital, and we're just rolling that into health care and communication with these students athletes and the parents and the coaches involved in high school sports, " said SFHS Athletic Trainer Rob Milam.

The Dragonfly Max software gives coaches and trainers a single point of access to interact with an athlete easily and directly from their phone, anywhere at any time.

For head coach ben Blackmon the "AP" makes a huge difference in so many ways. "It allows us to evaluate our strength training plans and to evaluate our practice plans," said Blackmon..

Any injury including concussions are easily tracked. Coaches, trainers, doctors and parents can decide whether or not to play the athlete. "If something does happen an event does happen we have a protocol in place that we are going to follow. Until that medical doctors says that child is ok he doesn’t go back out there," said Blackmon.

Trainers are already working to familiarize players with Dragonfly Max and to keep them on a rehab schedule at home. "You know I’m not going to remember to do every time so if i get a list of something to do it helps me a lot more, said Hunter Freeman who plays on the offensive line with SFHS football.

With recent medical studies on the severity of concussions in news this week coaches and trainers everywhere say any tool they can get their hands on will help save lives and maybe even the sport itself. "It’s one of the last sports out there that teaches them to be tough and to be able to handle adversity in life," said Blackmon.

The Dragonfly company is offering this new technology for free. As of next year all the high schools in Alabama will be required to use the software.