BayBears Profile: Chris Cron


The BayBears opened a five game series with the Mississippi Braves Monday night at Trustmark Park in Pearl. One of the BayBears is trying to continue the family business of playing major league baseball.

"From an early age there wasn't anything I really knew other than baseball. When I got in trouble at school it wasn't take away my phone or take away your car, it was take away baseball," Cron told Local 15.

BayBears first baseman Chris Cron's life is and always has been baseball. He's trying to climb the minor league ladder and land in the big leagues like his brother CJ, who's currently plays for the Angels.

Cron said, "It was always fun to play with him no matter if it was pepper in the backyard or flipping to each other in the cage or home run derby at the field or whatever it may be."

Cron hit 27 homers last season in single a visalia. After a slow start to this season his numbers are improving. And if he needs any advice he can get it from the diamondback hitting instructor, Chris Cron. A former big leaguer who also goes by name of dad.

"I always joke with the guys that when he texts me after a game I call him the hitting coordinator. He says something nice, I call him the hitting coordinator, but if he says something bad I call him my dad," he said jokingly.