Video crashes iPhone, causes it to lock up and freeze

(Source: WPMI)

A video link is causing iPhones to crash all over the world. The only way to get your phone to work again is with a hard refresh.

It's a fluke and has some questioning Apple's iOS software quality.

The Verge's Tom Warren tested it out for us so you don't have to crash your iPhone on purpose. There's a link making the rounds online, and when you click on it, your default video player will open and a five second video will play. Seems harmless. But what that video is actually corrupt, and creating a loop in the background of your phone.

You won't know you've been hit for about 10 seconds. Then you'll see your phone start to slow down, and eventually lock up. The only way to get it to work is to hit the home and power buttons at the same time, doing a hard refresh.

A similar bug was discovered last year.