Bentley used campaign funds for alleged mistress's legal fees

UPDATE: 8:30 2/2/2017

According to Alabama governor, Robert Bentley's personal attorney, Bentley used his own campaign funds to pay the legal fees of his former top aid, Rebekah Mason.

Reports show that Mason's legal fees were connected to lawsuits that alleged Bentley and Mason had a sexual affair- something they both denied.

The legal fees surfaced in Bentley's 2016 campaign report, which was filed on Tuesday, January 31st.

The filing was listed as a one-time payment of more than $89,000 to the law firm that represents Mason.

The question now is, is it legal?

As of now, the Alabama Ethics Commission says that it's limited to the office holder, under certain conditions.

The governor also sank more than $300,000 of campaign fees into his own legal expenses.

------ORIGINAL STORY------

Governor Bentley used campaign funds to pay for legal bills, according to a campaign finance report filed Tuesday that laid out expenses made last year in Governor Bentley's campaign.

The report showed his campaign paid more than $320,000 in legal bills in 2016.

The Governor faced an impeachment push and an ethics complaint after he was accused of having an affair with his former political adviser.

Governor Bentley admitted his mistakes, but believes he did nothing legally wrong.

Legal expenses wiped out nearly all of Bentley's remaining campaign funds.

By law, he cannot seek re-election.