App determines your driving skills

Distracted driving has become a bg problem these days. Creators of a new, free smartphone app hope to make roads safer by making drivers better.

Created by Everquote and Cambridge Mobile Telematics, the free app monitors your driving and lets you know what you're doing wrong.

The app can't monitor everything you do, but picks up on your major maneuvers.

"The phone measures when you're driving how fast you accelerate, how harsh you brake, whether you're speeding and also measures your phone use. So if you pick up the phone while you're driving you'll see if reflected in your score," said Andrew Ressler with Everquote. .What's cool about it is it will show you on a map every place where you did something it thinks is not good for your driving."

The app knows all of the posted speed limits so you have to be aware of them. And you don't want to tailgate or you'll end up braking alot.

At the end of your trip you can view your performance, including a rating of one to five stars and an overall driving score for the past two weeks. The app privately delivers the news if your driving needs improvement, but you can work on it and raise your score.

Everquote has created a contest and $50,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to the best drivers.