Zeigler blames Strange for delay in Bentley investigations


Jim Zeigler blames former Attorney General, Luther Strange, for delaying the impeachment proceedings against former governor, Robert Bentley.

Zeigler held a town hall update on scandals and investigations in state government, calling the meeting a 'Tax Day rally' for the common-sense campaign.

He also said he's totaled up nearly $900,000 in costs to Alabama taxpayers to both prosecute and defend Robert Bentley, who resigned on Monday.

Zeigler, however, claims that Bentley would have resigned much sooner with help from the Attorney General's office, "I'll give you two words why it took so long: Luther Strange. The former Attorney General Luther Strange obstructed the impeachment process and the investigation of Robert Bentley. Governor Bentley should have resigned five months before he did and the reason he didn't was Luther Strange."

Zeigler said Strange sent a letter to the house impeachment committee in early November asking them to halt the impeachment. At the same time, his office was supposed to be investigating Bentley, but Zeigler says Strange's office never provided anything useful toward the investigation.