Woman charged with manslaughter in brother's death


An Irvington woman is now charged with killing her brother in a car crash on Wednesday.

27-year-old Jamie McDole is facing a manslaughter charge. Police say after that fatal crash, she stole a truck and crashed it into a tree. When McDole went before a judge Friday morning he gave her no bond.

Officials say she had outstanding warrants when she took items from a Family Dollar in Irvington on Wednesday.

Deputies happened to be across the street at a gas station and followed her.

"Whoever was driving eased out of the parking lot at first and whenever the officer turned on the blue lights they hit the gas pedal and they were gone," said a witness at the Chevron gas station.

A short time later McDole smashed into another vehicle, splitting her vehicle in half on Highway 90 in St. Elmo.

Inside the car with her was her boyfriend and her brother 28-year-old Jacob McDonald.

McDonald died a short time later.

But troopers say McDole left the scene of that crash, stole a truck from a gas station nearby and crashed it on Jay Drive.

You can still see the skid marks in Jay Lewis' driveway and yard.

"She lives down here. She turned around and when she did she obviously lost control of the vehicle and hit this tree head on. They took her out of the vehicle, laid her on the ground and an ambulance came and got her," said Lewis.

According to jail records, she has a long history of arrests, including DUI, drug and assault charges.

McDole's boyfriend was also taken to the hospital for his injuries in that crash. No word today on his condition.

McDole isn't only facing a manslaughter charge. She's also booked for eluding police, leaving the scene of an accident and theft.