What's next for the shopping center at the Loop in Mobile?


Soon the shopping center at the Loop will be a ghost town in midtown. The Rite Aid has closed, the Payless is shutting down, and residents are worried.

“It’s vacant and will attract vagrants, homeless people laying around. I catch the bus right over there and it will be really scary,” said Ollie McGadney.

Along with an empty shopping center, office space behind the building at Government Street and DIP is also empty. When asked about future plans, Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson and council members had no knowledge of what was going on.

“I really don’t have any insight into this at this time,” Stimpson said.

The leasing agent said they are working to get new tenants. But, until then, the building may soon be empty and could become an eyesore. Payless is set to close this month.

“They need to revitalize in this area, build it up,” one woman said.