Watching the Gulf update: Messy weather on the way through Thursday


Our typical June weather is about to take a turn, thanks to a system churning up the Gulf. I've been watching an area near the Yucatan Peninsula and NW Caribbean since last week. Now we're expecting some sort of tropical development near the Yucatan in the Southern Gulf possibly later today or tomorrow.


It appears likely a tropical depression or tropical storm will form in the far southern Gulf of Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula. The Hurricane Hunters are in the area to take a close look today. Depending on what they fine, we could either have a tropical depression or just a continuation of a somewhat disorganized system. Regardless of its classification, the Gulf Coast is in for a big, wet messy weather setup through at least Thursday. While the center of whatever develops appears to be headed towards Louisiana and Texas, it will still generate large waves and rough surf for area beaches and will spread some bands of very heavy rain across our area. My initial estimates are from 3-7" of rain from Tuesday through Thursday. Locally we could see even more than that! Keep checking back here on the website and on Local 15 News.