Two groups focusing on highway safety and improving roads in Mobile

Representatives from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama are all in Mobile discussing ways to save lives and reduce highway crashes.

One of the most important topics officials want to bring home is the importance of being a safe driver.

Lynne Wilman from the National Highway Traffic Administration says, "It starts with you. You need to practice being a safe driver, but you also have to know that there are law enforcement officers and people in your state thinking about ways to help keep you safer- to make your roadways safer."

A second group is focusing on improving road conditions for Mobile drivers.

According to a report released by a National Transportation Research Group, rough roads, traffic congestion and crashes cost every driver in Mobile about $1,400 a year.

Several ideas were presented; one of which was a gas tax to help fund road repairs for the entire state.

Rocky Moretti from a National Transportation Research Group said, "What the public has to consider is would they rather, through their user fees, pay a little more to have that system... and to get to places quicker."

The idea for a gas tax has been proposed by law makers several times through the years.