Trump to Harvey responders: ' You are doing a great job. The world is watching! Be safe.'

President Donald Trump tweets on Harvey. 

President Donald Trump has commended the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for his handling of the hurricane now hitting the Texas Gulf Coast.

In a tweet Saturday morning addressed to FEMA head Brock Long, Trump said: "You are doing a great job - the world is watching! Be safe."

Hurricane Harvey, the fiercest to hit the U.S. in more than a decade, is posing the first major emergency management test of Trump's administration.

In a separate tweet, Trump said he is monitoring the hurricane closely from Camp David and "We are leaving nothing to chance. City, State and Federal Govs. working great together!"

He also tweeted that "We have fantastic people on the ground, got there long before (hash)Harvey. So far, so good!"

Authorities are still encouraging people in the storm's path to remain indoors until authorities announce it is safe to venture out. When Harvey made landfall, it was a Category 4 storm with winds of 130 mph. As the sun rises Saturday morning, authorities will start to assess the amount of damage made throughout the night.