Threat sparks increased police presence at Saraland High School


Some parents are concerned about their children's safety after someone changed an online school username in a manner that many perceived as a threat to high school students.

Thursday's date was specifically referenced.

In response to the threat, expect to see more police officers in and around Saraland schools this week.

NBC 15's Christian Jennings talked to several parents Wednesday. Some said they will still be sending their kids to school Thursday. Others said they aren't taking that chance. They're keeping their children home.

"While we don't feel this is a credible threat, you, regrettably in this day and age have to take everything serious," said superintendent Dr. Aaron Milner.

Milner said someone recently changed the high school's google account username to say something threatening, specifically referencing October 12th.

"We were providing a username and password for two computer lab carts and as a convenience for students there was a universal username and password. And an individual went in and changed the username," said Dr. Milner.

School officials won't go into detail about the threat and what exactly it said, but they immediately got the Saraland Police Department involved and posted a letter to the school system's Facebook page informing parents about the situation. Classes will continue as scheduled.

"Be it a student or individual or whoever we're certainly going to encourage they're prosecuted to fullest intent of the law," said Milner.

Westley Johnson graduated from Saraland High last year. He said he was shocked when he heard the news, but believes it's probably a prank.

"That's nothing to play around with because all the school shootings I've seen in my life, I mean I'm 20 and I've seen plenty of school shootings on the news and that's scary. And if you're just going to joke around about that that pisses me off," said Johnson.

The superintendent wants parents to know that nothing was hacked. Student information was not compromised.

He said although he encourages parents to send their kids to school, he understands parents' concerns and absences will be excused Thursday.