DA's office reveals murder-for-hire plot

(image: WPMI) Ke'Lei Morris

The man accused of murdering Kelei Morris in 2015, Steve Mason, is now also accused of trying to kill witnesses in that case. The Mobile County DA’s Office revealed the murder for hire plot in a news conference Monday.

A Mobile County Grand Jury indicted Mason on the three new counts of solicitation for murder Friday. It a class A felony. The witnesses he allegedly tried to kill are listed by their initials in the indictment, as N.N., J.A., and K.M. The name of the man he allegedly tried to hire in the murder plot is listed as Derrick Myles.

Mason was booked into Mobile Metro Jail March 20th this year for the murder of Ke'lei Morris. He’s accused of shooting her outside her apartment complex. On May 5th, Myles was arrested on a slew of charges including sexual abuse and robbery. Prichard Police live streamed part of the arrest. Myles has an extensive criminal history, including a 2005 manslaughter conviction. Prosecutor Jennifer Wright won’t confirm this is the same Derrick Myles who Mason allegedly hired to kill three witnesses in the murder case, but she did note Mason has remained in jail unable to make bond. This is the only Derrick Myles booked into jail this year.

“I’m not going to make any statements about Derrick Myles at this time or any connection or relationship between him and the defendant,” said Wright.

Wright would also not say if Myles is cooperating or was a willing participant, but at this time, this Derrick Myles is not facing solicitation to commit murder charges.

Mason’s attorney declined to comment, saying he has not had the chance to review the evidence for these new charges.

“I would say this is an extremely rare situation. Going back and looking, we were only able to find four other solicitation to commit murder cases that we’ve handled since the late 90s,” said Wright.

Wright also would not say how they discovered the murder for hire plot or how far along in the plan Mason was. A court hearing will be set on these new charges and we expect to learn some of the details at that time.