Spanish Fort student speaks out on formal complaint

Julia plans to return to Spanish Fort High for her senior year.

Alleged bias and discrimination at our local schools. One Spanish Fort High School student makes those allegations in an official complaint she and several other students have filed with School Superintendent Eddie Tyler.

The letter first sent to Tyler and then posted on Facebook 24 hours ago has sparked reaction. A bold move for 17-year-old high school senior, Julia Coccaro.

The complaint stems from the recent controversy involving a summer reading list at Spanish Fort High. Mostly conservative 'right wing' authors. The list has been retracted, but Coccaro is still speaking out.

" I didn't even know that filing a complaint was a thing until I did my research. I didn't know it was an option for me. When I found that out I was pretty excited and there are 10 other signatures on the complaint," Coccaro said.

Incidents in the complaint include: A biased reading a heavily biased, politically one-sided reading list not endorsed by the School Board. Multiple occurrences of preaching of political and religious views by teachers at the school. The censoring of a yearbook quote for including the phrase "coming out" when a gay student attempted to comment on the yearbook's self-expression page.

"I certainly don't want anyone attacked or fired by any means but there is an issue with the faculty and Spanish Fort High School again brushing things under the rug," said Coccaro.

Superintendent Eddie Tyler did not comment on camera but issued the following statement: "I have received the Spanish Fort student's complaint. I will review it."

The complaint was never formally filed in court however Coccaro says she stands by her convictions. "I want them to have the attention and obviously it wasn't working without the media pressure. I'm hoping that things will change because of it," said Cocarro.

Julia plans to return to Spanish Fort High for her senior year and she will be in that AP Government class with the same teacher that was forced to retract his summer reading list.