Search resumes for missing father and son

(IMG:WPMI) The search continues for a missing father and son.

Local authorities are gearing up to search for a missing father and son.

Crews are looking for Leo and Frederick Scott.

Mobile Fire and Rescue received a call yesterday afternoon around 1:30pm from a third person who was on the boat.

Wilmer Scott Junior says all three of them were coming back from doing maintenance work on a fish camp, and they were carrying an aluminum boat on top of the boat they were in.

The wind took over, knocking the aluminum boat and the father and son in the water.

Wilmer Scott Junior says he tried to help them, but did not know how to drive the boat.

While crews searched for hours yesterday, family members gathered to pray and they are hoping for good news.

Crews will be working today to find the two men and Local 15 will continue to follow this story as we get more information.