Search continues for father & son who fell off boat on Spanish River


The search for a father and son who fell off a boat on Spanish River in Baldwin County is still underway.

Mobile Fire & Rescue says it got the call a little after 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. Multiple agencies are helping with the search including MPD, Daphne search & rescue and MCSO Flotilla Unit.

"I'm watching my uncle and my cousin drown and there's nothing I can do," Wilmer Scott Jr. said.

Divers and search crews spent hours on the water looking for the two men. Family members identify them as Leo and Frederick Scott. They say Leo was in his 80s and his son Frederick was in his 50s.

Wilmer Scott Jr. was also on that boat.

He says they were heading back from doing maintenance work at a fish camp. They were carrying an aluminum boat on top of the boat they were in, when the wind took over.

"All of a sudden the boat made a quick left it rolled me over but I was sitting down in the boat and they were standing up when I looked up they were in the water," he said.

Scott says he tried to help them but he didn't know how to drive the boat

"I tried to bring the boat around with the little knowledge I did have without running them over but I couldn't get to them," he said. "I couldn't get to my uncle or my cousin man, I couldn't get to them."

He says the son tried to keep his dad above water as long as he could.

"They were struggling trying to stay up," he said.

While crews scoured the water dozens of family members gathered at the scene praying and waiting for the two men to be found.

"I'm holding up," the victims' wife and mother, Dr. Rev. Cleo Scott said. "For one thing I'm a child of God and I know the strength is coming from him to substation me in all of this."

Scott says it's a tragedy he can't get out of his head.

"I keep seeing them drown," he said. "I just keep seeing it over and over that's why it hurts, that's all I see."

Officials say there were life jackets on the boat but none of the men had one on.

Officials say if they don't find the men Wednesday night they'll resume the search Thursday morning.