Saraland kicks off the first day of school


Tuesday, August 8th marked the first official day of school in Saraland.

Local 15 got an up close and personal look at Saraland Elementary School and what the kids were doing to get ready for their first day.

Cars started rolling in bright and early around 7:30 a.m. as students prepared for the kick off of the 2017-2018 school year.

Parents were seen walking their little ones through the schools’ double glass doors.

For some kiddos it was pure excitement, but for others students they had pure butterflies.

Brileigh Bosarge, a student at Saraland Elementary said, “I’m very nervous!”

Those who were excited about their first day were mostly looking forward to school activities and learning.

"We’re going to learn new activities, were going to learn new stuff and it’s going to help us out really good," said 5th grader Jose.

"I'm taking Reading, Math, Science and Language Arts, I don't know anything else," said another 5th grade student.

Despite being a little nervous, Little Brileigh says it’s important to make some friends along the way.

"Don’t be nervous it’s going to be fine, when you see other people ask them if you can be their friend," said Brileigh.