Saraland family reunited after seven-month long fight for baby's life

Local 15 News had cameras rolling during the heartfelt reunion.

A Saraland family has been made whole again after a seven-month long fight for their baby’s life.

Local 15 News had cameras rolling during the heartfelt reunion.

Fisher Nelson was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome on Jan 30.

“At 20 weeks into the pregnancy we were told that he only had half a heart and in order for him to survive he has to have at least three surgeries,” Brooke Nelson, Fisher’s mother said.

After six surgeries, two of which were open heart, Fisher Nelson finally came home to Alabama for the first time Friday.

“I had the fear that we might not have this day where we could actually bring him home.” Nelson said.

In fact, Brooke and Eric Nelson decided to make their homecoming a secret to their other three sons.

Local 15 was there as the three boys were checked out of their elementary school and were completely surprised. As they turned the bend, Fisher’s oldest brother, 12 year-old Parker Nelson, immediately broke into tears as the family ran and hugged one another.

“My prayers have been answered, I have been praying every single day for him to come home,” Cooper, Fisher’s 6 year-old brother, said.

“It’s like a dream come true,” John Walker, Fisher’s 4 year-old brother, said.

The Nelson’s home has been divided since the start of the new year. Eric, Brooke and baby Fisher have had to live in an apartment in Texas in order to receive the life-and-death treatment for Fisher’s HLHS at Texas Children’s hospital.

At just four days old Fisher had his first open heart surgery. At five months old, he had his second open heart surgery and there was a series of other treatments and procedures in between.

Fisher's fight is still far from over. Every few months he and his parents will have to fly back to Texas to check in with doctors. Additionally, before Fisher turns four he will have another open heart surgery.

Friends made a go fund me page to help support the Nelsons’ during Fisher’s fight.