Reduced rates to continue on Foley Beach Expressway


With the tremendous reception of their new Beach Express GO! program, owner and operator of the Beach Express Bridge, American Roads, has decided to continue offering the toll reductions implemented over the summer to area residents and vacationers using the Beach Express Bridge through year-end. American Roads believes that by voluntarily reducing tolls and investing in a new lane on the bridge, electronic tolling, along with other improvements a more efficient Beach Express will play a key role in controlling traffic congestion. Since the new reductions and changes went into effect on June 28th, the Beach Expressway has continued to see an increase in bridge traffic, reducing traffic on Route 59 and adding thousands of dollars in additional revenue for Orange Beach, which receives a portion of each toll paid by a vehicle crossing the bridge.

After continued discussions with Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon, we have decided that we will be maintaining the current bridge tolls after Labor Day, while we continue working with the State and local governments on a long term program to provide an efficient and cost-effective option to reduce congestion in Orange Beach without burdening taxpayers for more infrastructure spending, said Neal Belitsky, CEO of American Roads.

Current toll rates will remain at $2.75, down from $3.50, with Orange Beach residents paying $1.25 (cash) and $1.00 (electronic).

In addition to the lower tolls, American Roads has started with the design and engineering of the scheduled $5.3 million in work for 2018 to include adding a third, reversible lane, as well as electronic tolling, to eliminate the need to stop for toll payment.

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