Programs being dropped by Bishop State leave students unable to graduate


Bishop State Community College students held a march today, April 19, to raise awareness that their degree programs are being cancelled.

Courses of study being canceled mid-semester are leaving students scrambling for answers with no alternative in sight for graduation.

The march was followed by a town hall meeting so students can receive some answers. Some are worried that this could be the beginning of the end of Bishop state.

"Who's to say that tomorrow it wont be nursing or another program. Who's to say that this isn't the down slope of closing the school altogether?" Rev. Patrick Munnerlyn said.

The programs to be cut are watch and jewelry repair, sign language, pluming, and funeral services.

Munnerlyn says that the funeral program that Bishop State offers is the only one like it in the immediate area and if students wish to continue that degree track they will have to relocate.