Police searching for teenage male last seen with 15-Year-old fatal shooting victim

A 15-year old girl was shot to death Tuesday night at her home. Now the search continues for the person last seen with her: A teenage boy. Police are hoping the young man will turn himself for questioning.

It's been 24 hours since the 15-year-old was killed and police say they just don't know yet if it was an accidental shooting or intentional.

"Nia was a loving person. She touched a lot of people," said Andrew Thomas, the victim's brother-in-law.

Family members are reeling the death of 15-year-old Nia Savage.

Police say she was shot once in the chest inside her home in the 500 block of Crenshaw Street.

"Her mom and dad are inside. Her brothers, they're just holding on you know? The thing now is we know God is in control of the situation and we're praying for healing and guidance," said Thomas.

Police tell Local 15 that the only two people in the room when the shooting happened were Nia and a teenage friend of hers.

There was another person home at the time, but no one else actually witnessed what happened.

"We're having strong positive minds at this time and just praying that God touches the young man so the young man does turn himself in," said Thomas.

Detectives should know more when they're able to question the young man they're looking for. And the autopsy should paint a clearer picture.

"It could be a possible accidental discharge if they were playing with a weapon. Or it could be actual murder. At this time there's so many unknowns that we can't really speculate," said MPD spokesperson Terence Perkins.

Thomas says when Nia was around, she brought laughter and happiness to a room.

"She was church grown, wasn't a trouble maker. All she did was school and church," said Thomas, who said Nia attended church at Souled Out Ministries.

Family members say Nia was a student at B.C. Rain High School.

Police said they did recover weapons from inside the home, but it is unclear whether they have the actual weapon used in the shooting.