Police catch alleged pellet gun shooter passed out in driveway


Mobile Police say they've found the man who shot a pellet gun and hit a jogger and bicyclist this week. Wyatt Newburn is facing a slew of charges including two counts of assault 2nd. Police say he was high on spice and passed out in a driveway when they found him.

Heather Nelson took to Facebook Tuesday morning to warn others right after she was hit by four pellet's while riding her bike on Springhill Avenue.

"The one that cracked my helmet probably bothered me the most because of how close, millimeters close to my temple it was," said Nelson.

Nelson wasn't the only victim. A nearby jogger had also been shot in the face.

"That third one hit his tooth and knocked it out," said Nelson.

"The first victim had the pellet still embedded in him," said Officer Dorthea Long.

Long says police actually found the alleged shooter, Wyatt Newburn, later that day. Nelson gave police the tag number, which gave them the name. A BOLO was issued, but Newburn wasn't found by being pulled over. Someone had called police about a man passed out in their driveway, and it just happened to be the suspect they were searching for.

"He was extremely agitated. You could tell he was high on something," said Long.

Long says Newburn was high on spice. Two pellet guns have been recovered and are being tested to confirm if one was used in Tuesday's shooting.

Nelson says she's grateful for such a quick arrest.

"Honestly, honestly, it is heartbreaking to me. You have to be in a really sad place in life to be able to hurt somebody like that. So I'm praying for him. My hearts really hurts for him. I hope he gets himself and his thoughts together while he has some alone time to think."

Newburn has a criminal background including being arrested last year for having brass knuckles and earlier this year for burglary.