People in Rolling Acres neighborhood say someone's targeting their homes


"We've got the doors locked, we're making sure all the windows are locked, I got two young kids so it's very scary," Erin Stacy said.

An elderly woman says early Friday morning around 3 o'clock she heard something at her bedroom window. She says when she peaked out she saw a man trying to break in.

"She said she saw a big man outside her window but it was dark and I guess her son tried to run after him but couldn't catch him," Stacy said.

Neighbors say within the last week news has spread about four homes in the area being burglarized.

"No matter where you are it's your home and to have people just come in and take things I think is sad," a neighbor said.

Stacy says it's a situation that raises all kinds of concerns.

"It's one thing to break into someone's house when they're not there but 3 in the morning when you know people are probably there that's a scary situation," she said.