Parents speak out after 4-year-olds are disqualified from football playoffs

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NBC 15 EXCLUSIVE: A dilemma over a local youth football team is striking up some serious controversy.

Several upset parents reached out to NBC 15 News for help saying the Mobile Youth Football Conference is unfairly disqualifying their kids from playing in their playoffs.

“I'm trying so hard not to cry because it hurts me so bad to see those kids out there and they have no idea what's going on and how hard we are fighting to help and get this team back to where they belong,” team parent Teria Perkins said.

Parents tell NBC 15 the West Mobile Buccaneers, a football team of four-year-old boys, won a spot in their conference playoffs this weekend. However, they say it’s now being ripped away because of a major dispute all sparked over a parent custody issue.

“The board that leads our conference, the Mobile Youth Football Conference, they claim we have an illegal four-year-old that is playing in Birmingham as well,” West Mobile Youth Football Park League President De Manuel said, adding “We have asked for proof and they have suspended our team from post season play.”

In Article XIX Section three of the conference rules, it states that an ineligible player's team will forfeit any game in that an ineligible player participates.

Parents and the Park President De Manuel say that's only three games for their team, so they should still be able to make the playoffs, under these rules.

“We have extended the olive branch several times to put this off and be adults and just give us what everyone's been given in the past and they choose to rule by fear and imitation and I'm just not the guy to back down from that,” Manuel said.

“They messed with the wrong buck family and we're coming from them,” Perkins said.

Parents and Manuel say the conference denied the appeal they requested, so now they are planning on taking legal action to stop the game and get justice for their boys.

Ronni Faulk, a team parent says this is a big deal to him, "because we teach our kids to follow our rules in football, but if the adults don't follow the rules then how can we expect them to?"

NBC 15 News called, texted and emailed the MYFC president and have not received a response at this time.

However, as displayed in a text message from Manuel, we were told a conference board member alerted Manuel that if he met with us on the grounds of the park, while being suspended for questioning the background of a conference board member, the whole league would see repercussions.

As soon as NBC 15 News receives a response from MYFC we will be sure to share their side of the story.