Parents Called to Action on Underage Drinking

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WPMI) - Today local educators, law enforcement, counselors and prosecutors gathered to make a statement regarding underage drinking. It was a "call to action" by those gathered today - A call to action for parents to wake up.

Right now adults who host an open house party face a misdeameanor charge. Legal minds are now looking to change the law. Making it a felony. "There's currently some dicussions that have been going on that i have been associated with in the past week that is examing that possibility. There's nothing that's been introduced but there is a discussion going on," said Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Mack Jr.

Mack made the comment at a news conference today held by the Drug Education Council. The gathering comes right on the heels of a Daphne parent's arrest accused of hosting an open house party at her home. The same home police say where 18 year old high school senior Cameron Harrison is accused of raping a young girl at the same party.

The message to parents - "There's nothing good that happens when you mix a teenager and alcohol." "They don't learn better social skills. They don't learn to drink better as adults none of that happens," said Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council. It's also a reminder to parents from those who prosecute and eforce the law in the courtroom.

"Parents can be subject to being sued for damages by victims of poor decision making by their children. Because when you have a minor you are responsible for all their bills including the ones that may come as a result of a lawsuit," said Circuit Judge Carmen Bosch who oversees family court in Baldwin County.

"They are kids o.k. and we need to handle them. We need to parent the children and we need to treat them as kids and we also need to be mindful once again that they shouldnt be doing what they are doing at that age," said Mack.

The Drug Education Council and the Underage Drinking Task Force have programs to help parents learn more about the law and families with underage drinking issues. For more information, click here.

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