Hurricane Nate continues to make his way to the Gulf Coast





Hurricane Nate is a category 1 storm, currently in the Gulf of Mexico moving rapidly toward the north-northwest at about 26 mph with maximum sustained winds at 90 mph.

Water temperatures in the central Gulf of Mexico are in the mid 80s, providing plenty of fuel for Nate as it approaches the Gulf Coast early Sunday morning. However, the faster forward speed of the storm won't give it much time to develop into a major hurricane. With that said, a category 2 hurricane is still possible as Nate makes landfall.

We are expecting Nate to be just south of the Mississippi coast by late Saturday evening before making landfall during the overnight hours (early Sunday morning) most likely along the Mississippi coast. That puts the Mobile/Baldwin counties on the "bad" side of the storm.

Prepare for weather conditions to rapidly go downhill on Saturday afternoon and evening with bands of showers and increasing wind during the latter part of the day. The biggest impact will be felt Saturday night into Sunday morning when tropical storm & hurricane conditions will move in.

As of now, coastal Mississippi, Mobile county, and Baldwin county are under a Hurricane Warning and northwest Florida is under a Tropical Storm Warning.

The greatest impact will be felt along the coast with heavy surf, bands of wind-driven rain and areas of flooding due to high water levels, storm surge and rainfall. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for coastal communities in Mississippi, Alabama and Northwest Florida to the Okaloosa/Walton County line.

As with any hurricane forecast, this is a very fluid weather setup and we will likely see some "fine-tuning" changes and adjustments to the forecast as we get closer to landfall. We encourage you to keep checking back for new information as it becomes available to us here at NBC 15 News.

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