Murder victim's mother on a mission after daughter's senseless death

NBC 15's Darwin Singleton shows how a mother's misery has inspired her mission of a lifetime.

One local mom has experienced that pain, and she's dedicated her life to trying to save others.

NBC 15's Darwin Singleton shows how a mother's misery has inspired her mission of a lifetime.

Saturday night July 2nd, 2012, Carol Fisher and her husband received the phone call the would change to course of their lives forever.

"And the young man on the other end of the line simply said, Mrs. Fisher? Mrs. Fisher? Wendy's been shot!"

It was a crime that seemed especially bold for even a crime seasoned city like Mobile.

Carol Fisher's daughter Wendy, concerned about her dog, yelled at a speeding river to slow down in her neighborhood.

Prosecutors would go on to prove that the driver, 20-year-old Pat Brown stopped the car and 17 year old Trayon Washington, got out, aimed a gun at Wendy, then pulled the trigger, killing the yound mother of two.

Carol's husband was in the next room when that fateful call came in.

"This man on the phone just said Wendy's been shot and she's dead! And I threw the phone, and ran into the bed room. I heard heard him moaning and sobbing on the phone and I ran straight out the front door. I ran straight out the front door and was knocking and screaming on the front door, somebody help me!"

Trayon Washington would be convicted of murder and sentenced to life... his half brother Pat Brown received 30 years.

And for the Fishers?

It could have been a life sentence of anger and bitterness.

But Carol wasn't about to let that happen.

"I want to save lives! I want teenagers to know, it IS their choice. THEY make their choice. Mama didn't make it, friends didn't make it. He made his own choice."

Carol has made it her choice to try speak to as many young people as she can... lecturing at assemblies at schools, community center and church anywhere and everywhere...

Especially in Alabama.

"It's my way of helping and making a difference. That's what it's about. because I believe Im saving lives."

She uses a video produced by the Mobile Police Department to encourage young people to do something Trayon Washington didn't do.

Stop and think before resorting to violence.

Carol's message is personal, strong and clear.

"But I know one thing for sure he's thinking every single night when he lays his head on that pillow. Why did I pull the trigger? Because he didn't have to."

It's all about choices, says Carol.

For her, the choice is clear... making sure her daughter's death has a greater purpose for the good of everyone.

Carol fisher takes her message "you still have a choice" to a youth rally in Luvern, Ala. this weekend.

It happens at the Luvern Assembly of God church Saturday at 6 p.m.