Mobile Mayor dedicates appreciation of Callaghan's Irish Social Club

(Image: Mayor's office)

Mayor Stimpson delivered the following proclamation to Callaghan’s Irish Social Club Owner John Thompson regarding the bar and restaurant’s recent national recognition.

Mayor Stimpson said,

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club has been an anchor of the Oakleigh Garden District for over seventy years; and, WHEREAS, Their hospitality, individuality, and quality have endured and grown to make Callaghan’s a venue known across our nation; and WHEREAS, Callaghan’s Irish Social Club has been recognized by many major publications as one of the greatest bars in America and noted by many as an unparalleled music venue; and, WHEREAS, The delicious food and charming atmosphere of Callaghan’s Irish Social Club have endeared this establishment in the hearts of thousands of Mobilians, NOW, THEREFORE, I, William S. Stimpson, 108th Mayor of the City of Mobile, Alabama on behalf of all Mobilians do hereby proclaim our sincerest appreciation and recognition for the humanitarian contribution of Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in the City of Mobile.