Mobile Christian School planning for new facility

Mobile Christian School planning for new facility (WPMI)

Mobile Christian School will soon begin the process of adding a new facility to their campus in response to the growth they have seen over the years. This project is 15 years in the making and it’s being called “Vision 2020.”

“This project will touch every grade level, every facet of our school,” said Mobile Christian School Headmaster, David Pahman.

The new Elementary building will be a little over 22,000 square-feet and house 16 new classrooms; allowing the school to place their entire elementary school, grade k-3 through 5th grade, all in one building.

“This will greatly improve having everyone in one place. It will help Dr. Curry be able to supervise and make it easier administratively and for parents,” said Pahman

Once this project is complete, it will send a ripple effect, impacting the entire school.

“Athletics will benefit, fine arts, middle school and high school will all benefit from a new elementary building. So that’s what’s so exciting about this project,” added Pahman.

The Mobile Planning Commission has approved the plan for this project. The school will break ground on Vision 2020 in Spring 2018 and Pahman says it should take a year to build. School officials hope to move into the new building by the 2019-2020 school year.

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