Marine behind 'Find Tito' honored by Woofstock

Simon found out Thursday that his beautiful pit bull is the new ambassador of Woofstock. (WPMI) 

Military men and women are known for their strength and bravery.

But sometimes they need help too, and that's why Simon Flarity of the United States Marines decided he was going to adopt Tito.

"In walks a one year old, misbehaved, ya know, spiteful, awful, beautiful pit bull puppy," Flarity said during an interview with KSJ. "He was about one year old. I got him certified to help me with some injuries I sustained from whenever i was over in Iraq."

For 11 years Tito stood by Simon's side the two were inseparable, until the Fouth of July in Magnolia Springs where Tito was last seen.

"We went out and called for him in the yard but the then we realized the fireworks must have startled him more than we anticipated," Flarity said. "We have been searching tirelessly ever since."

Imaging losing your best friend it's a feeling Simon has had for 86 days now.

Luckily, along his endless journey to find Tito, he noticed his efforts were doing some good.

"It's been ups and downs. It's been goods and bads," Flarity said. "But luckily we have been able to help other lost dogs because of the compelling following Tito has unfortunately created. It's incredible what you'll learn about your community when you lose a truly cherished pet. "

The search still isn't over, but after dealing with a roller coaster of emotions, Flarity found out Thursday that his beautiful pit bull is the new ambassador of Woofstock.

"That means that that many more people are going to get to see how truly amazing he is," Flarity said. "And he's the face of it all and he's a pretty boy."

To keep up with any updates in the search for Tito visit the finding Tito Facebook page.