VIRAL: Customers take cover in attempted shoe store shoplifting

Tammy Dueitt Hinton’s Facebook post has gone viral

Hundreds of people on Facebook have shared Tammy Dueitt Hinton’s post describing an ordeal she experienced at Shoe Station on Hillcrest. She said that around 6PM Sunday evening a man came in the store waving a gun telling everyone to get down. She said the suspect threatened to kill everyone inside.

Samuel Hover and his family were also inside the store during the fracas. He said the entire store was shaken up.

“I was over in the men’s department and I heard someone say ‘Get on the ground’,” he said, “We quickly moved to the back of store. We knew what was happening, we knew he had some kind of weapon and we got to the back. I will say that we are armed, but, we wanted to use our weapons as a last result”.

Hover said police arrived moments later and things quickly went back to normal.

Shoe Station management tells Local 15 the man was a shoplifter and surveillance video shows he did not have a gun. The alleged shoplifter got away.