Man recounts being shot twice in head, saved by metal plate in skull


A Theodore man who survived being shot twice in the head thanks to a metal plate in his head spoke with LOCAL 15 News for the first time.

Mobile Police also announced on Tuesday that they've arrested a teen involved in the shooting.

It has only been two days since Terry Haygood, 45, was released from the hospital.

More than a week ago, Haygood says he was ambushed in front of his family's Washington Boulevard home.

It's a night he remembers vividly.

Haygood says he was walking to a nearby store around 10 p.m. on April 28, when he says three people in a car rolled up next to him and opened fire.

"I remember the gun. It was like 'pow pow, pow pow pow'. Shot me right in the head. I can say the bullet went right in there," said Haygood, "I just turned around, walked a few steps forward and fell face down on the cement."

Family and friends nearby called 9-11 and rushed to help Haygood, who was lying in the street bleeding from two gunshots to the head.

"I heard everything that was going on. I knew what was going on around me but I couldn't say nothing. But I refused to give up," Haygood said.

Haygood was rushed to the hospital where his family found out that a metal plate in his skull, installed after a severe car accident 10 years ago, saved his life.

Both bullets were deflected out the back of Haygood's head.

Police began investigating and on Tuesday, investigators announced Devote Foster, 17, was arrested and charged with shooting Haygood.

As for his survival, Haygood credits that on his faith in God.

"What it feels like to be dead and brought back to life. Not many people can say they were shot in the head two times and survive," said Haygood.

Haygood believes he was set up to be murdered.

Police are still investigating and looking for additional suspects.

If you have information on the crime, contact Mobile Police immediately.