Man arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend in Mobile


A Mobile man is behind bars charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

Police say 32-year-old Peter Gales shot, 27-year-old Sheneice Sumpter in the head last night and left her inside a car outside an abandoned house on Bay Road.

As police led Gales out of MPD headquarters, he said he didn't do it and offered an apology to Sumpter's son.

"Sorry for all this," Gales said. "I didn't do this, I'm sorry all I'm worried about is KJ, KJ I love you, you know what's true."

Sumpter's son and family went back to the scene Wednesday. Her sister says there were issues in the couple's relationship.

"I just think she was unhappy in her relationship," Sumpter's sister, Myosha Nelson said.

Nelson says her son is now left without a mother.

Police wouldn't go into details on what led up to the shooting neither would Gales.

Did you guys have an argument?" a Local 15 reporter asked.

"No, no comment I'm ready to go," Gales replied.