Locals stock up for Hurricane Irma


With Hurricane Irma now projected as one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, people are gearing up for a local impact.

"I heard it's a bad hurricane out there and don't know which way it's going so I just want to be prepared," local resident Marcella Caster said.

As rumors circulate about a shortage, local water shelves have started to become bare.

"I'm here for water because I heard there is a water shortage,” local resident Shannon Chisholm said.

"I did get a text today from family members and they were saying make sure you are getting water because I hear they are running out of water," Caster said.

The warning for some mean a last minute chance to stock up on some treats.

"We got iced cream, we got bread," a local child told Local 15.

Others with hurricane experience are packing up with nonperishables, gas and batteries.

"Having just been through Huston, it was crazy. It is better to be prepared than not prepared,” Chisholm said.

"During Hurricane Frederic I could remember going into lines trying to get ice, trying to get water and that always stuck with me so that's why I always want to be prepared," Caster said.

Walmart officials tell Local 15 the company is currently working to re-supply stores all along the Gulf Coast that have run out of water, fuel containers and batteries. In Florida, Walmart is sending an 800 additional truckloads of water at this time.