Local woman with cancer embodies true meaning of Thanksgiving

Local woman with cancer embodies true meaning of Thanksgiving.JPG

At Mr. Cozy Brown's Kitchen you'll find true soul -- not only in the trays of fresh ham, collard greens and dressing, but in the people giving and receiving free Thanksgiving dinner.

"Every day is a thanksgiving day for me because I'm still alive,” said Tanisha Williams, adding “I'm still alive, I'm still able to be here with my children."

Tanisha Williams is a walking, living testimony of what it means to be thankful. Faced with a history of medical tragedies, she chooses to fight.

"In 2012 I had a hole in my liver my gallbladder bust and I had a hernia and a hole in my stomach,” Williams said, adding “Then this year I found out I had stage four colon cancer which spread to my liver, but I'm blessed to be here"

Williams says the battle hasn't been easy. Every two weeks, she has chemo and every day she fights fatigue as she battles the bad cells in her body. However, Williams says she finds the strength in her faith and five children.

"I just thank god for her for being strong and not giving up," William’s Daughter Taijai Diggs said.

Williams says she is especially thankful for Mr. Cozy Brown and his staff who fed her family this special Thanksgiving holiday.

“I'm thankful and it's been such a blessing to me because some mornings I can barely get up to cook because I don't have the strength."

Cozy Brown says it's story's like Williams that make this thanksgiving give away all worth it.

“That's what it's all about putting a smile on someone's face and just being thankful," Brown said.

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