Local Community Colleges Review Safety Security Measures

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - Area community colleges are tightening up security in the wake of a recent community college shooting. Authorities said a gunman killed 9 students and injured several others at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

Faulkner State has its own police department.

Police Chief Chris John said he believes a strong police presence on campus will deter violent acts.

"You never know who can come on and do anything," said Faulkner State nursing student Amber Colley. "So it really made me feel kind of emotional about the situation because you have innocent people that lost their lives."

One witness said the gunman singled out Christians before opening fire and killing 9 people and wounding several others.

"It honestly didn't surprise me especially with everything that's been going on and the religious motivated attacks," said Chase Matthews.

Faulkner State Police Chief Chris Johnson said the community college has 6 full time officers and about 15 part time officers.

"They see us routinely day in and day out. We eat lunch with the students and staff. They can see us at any time you know foot patrol on campus patrol in the patrol vehicle."

In addition to patrols, each class room is equipped with a telephone solely for emergency calls.

"Also an emergency notification can be sent via telephone out of any classroom out of any office," said Chief Johnson.

He said the college is also working on addressing each phone.

"When the call is made regardless of what phone the call is made from 9-1-1 will be able to identify which campus building it's coming from," said Chief Johnson. "So first responders will be able to efficiently you know locate that building."

The idea is comforting to nursing student Amber Colley.

"It makes me feel safe."

Johnson said all of his officers are armed. The Oregon community college did not have armed officers on campus.

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